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On and Arising from Calcutta Architectural Legacies

Newspaper Articles

City Secrets Deepanjan Ghosh
Calcutta’s architecture (The Guardian) Amit Chaudhuri
Heritage bulldozed (The Telegraph) Amit Chaudhuri
Heritage showdown in Kolkata (Civil Society) Saibal Chatterjee
The old Calcutta chromosomes (The Hindu) Shiv Sahay Singh
Interview with Amit Chaudhuri in Firstpost  
Report in the Indian Express Premankur Biswas
Living and Dying in Dover Lane (Mint) Sumana Mukherjee
Video: Report on BBC TV – The fight to save Kolkata’s heritage homes  
Video: CNN IBN report on the campaign  
Video: The Here and Elsewhere’: Amit Chaudhuri’s talk on cities at the Hillingdon Literary Festival  
Video: NDTV debate on Calcutta’s architecture  
Report in Italian in the Internazionale Marina Forti
Residents unite to save Kolkata’s traditional homes Sougata Mukhopadhyay
Video: Kolkata’s Agenda: How to Save its Buildings  
Heritage gets a helping hand  
For The Record: Preserving Calcutta for the future (Times Of India)  
WEEKEND FOCUS – Style & The City (Times Of India)  
Why is South Calcutta losing its buildings? (The Concrete Paparazzi)  
Kolkata’s crumbling legacy (Business Standard)  
On a mission to save old buildings (Deccan Herald)  
Call for heritage law with more teeth (Times Of India)  
Interview with Amit Chaudhuri in the Economic Times  

Scholarly Articles

Modernity at Home Professor Rosinka Chaudhuri

Jadavpur University architecture students examine the possibility of renewal in North Calcutta

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Iftekhar Ahsan’s restoration project in North Calcutta.

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